Out-of-the-Box TACACS+ Integrations

Portnox TACACS+ will easily integrate with your existing security toolkit.

Elevate your network security and boost your organization’s efficiency effortlessly by leveraging user authentication through Open LDAP or Active Directory integration. With Portnox’s seamless support for Azure AD, Google Workspace, Microsoft AD, and OKTA, you’re equipped to ensure only authenticated users gain access, keeping your network devices secure and your operations running smoothly.

TACACS+ detail, now available in whichever SIEM you use.

Integrating TACACS+ with SIEM revolutionizes security management, offering unparalleled visibility into authentication, authorization, and accounting activities. This powerful combo enhances network security, streamlines compliance, and provides actionable insights, ensuring a fortified, proactive defense against evolving cyber threats. Embrace this integration for a resilient security posture.